Church of Truth International

Ministerial Training


Join with vibrant men and women guiding and leading others in the way of LIGHT and TRUTH.

At the Coleman Institute for Metaphysical and Religious Studies, you will be instructed by trained professionals through a journey of self-discovery, self-healing and leadership to prepare you for the accredited ministerial program.

In total this is a 5 year program leading to ordination in the Church of Truth International. As an ordained minister you will be provincially licensed to perform marriages, christenings and funerals.

The two year program “A Soul’s Journey” is a prerequisite to the ministerial portion of the program. This 5 year program is presented one weekend per month for 2 years (A Soul’s Journey), then every Tuesday evening per week, for 2 years (ministerial program) so you can continue to work in your present profession. The final year is field work.

For information please contact Deborah at:

Be sure to include your full address, including postal code and telephone number. All classes commence in January.


The Coleman Institute for Metaphysical and Religious Studies shall always reflect the ongoing philosophy of The Church of Truth International: "You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free.” John 8:32

In preparing students for the ministry it shall be the prime purpose of the Institute to offer an environment of spiritual and academic experience of the highest possible standard.

Each student shall have the opportunity to experience his/her spiritual growth through service to others. The student shall experience a variety of circumstances that will open him/her to personal growth and understanding of his/her place in the Universe as a Child of God.

It is the purpose of the Institute to be vigilant in attention to the spiritual growth of its student. Daily prayer and meditations are emphasized and encouraged. In keeping with ideals of spiritual awakening and growth it is necessary to develop a disciplined spiritual life in which all things are reflected as lessons for this chosen life experience. In recognizing all things as part of the divine plan, the student begins to awaken and go forth on his/her life path.

The Coleman Institute for Metaphysical and Religious Studies
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