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Study Courses - A Soul's Journey

Questions and Answers

What can I expect from this unique, 2 year progressive-type of program?

Learn the most important New Thought concepts and applications presented logically in a building block manner. Receive a clear and pragmatic teaching of metaphysics as it unfolds into mysticism. Expanded spiritual conciousness.

What if I have to miss one or more seminar/workshops?
You will have the opportunity to attend the same workshop the next time it is run. You must however, complete each course and assignment, to receive Year One of the Practitioner's training. You may not take Year Two unless you have completed at least 7 Year One classes.

Can I take specific seminars individually?
Some workshops/seminars from Year One, will be offered individually, on a space available basis. However, what you missed from a previous session may reduce its value to you.

Where and when are the classes held?
Classes are held once per month for 11 months per year. There are no classes held in August. Some are Friday night and Saturday, some are Saturday only.

What is the cost?
Workshops that are Saturday from 9:00 - 1:00 are $60.00; Saturday from 9 – 3 are $90.00; Sessions that are run Friday night and Saturday are $150.00. Payment is due upon registration for each course by cheque or cash.

What are some of the classes?

Year One: The Dynamics of Mind, Scientific Prayer Treatment, Discover the Power Within, Laws of Prosperity, Meditation, Unconditional Love, Energy in Motion, Vision of the Heart, Lessons in Truth, Balancing Your Chakras, Mysticism.

Year Two: Hidden Mystery of the Bible, Develop the Leader Within, Awakening the Hero Within, The Urban Shaman, Nature of Reality, Dealing with Difficult People, 12 Powers of Man, New Testament Metaphysics, Life of Prayer, Mission Statement & Credo, Habits of Success.

Comments from the graduates:

“…the ‘fast track’ seminars have helped me to harmonize the past 15 years of metaphysical study into a more comprehensive and rewarding Spiritual awareness.”

“…have been an inspiring and clarifying experience.”

“…the workshops are lessons in life, what I learn each month is applicable to my day-to-day life.”

“…the enlightenment I have experienced from the seminars has taught me so much about myself and how and why we are the way we are about our lives.”

Please call: Rev. Deborah Coleman
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